Get ready for the new normality with a routine appropriate for each skin type

After weeks of confinement, the end of this period seems to be in sight, and with spring shining on the streets, it is the perfect time to prepare the skin resented by the lack of sunlight. That’s why we propose a perfect formula for every skin type, whether it needs hydration and elasticity, or to regain balance and reduce pores.

Create your own personalized formula with the Facialderm Boosters

Serum Boostersare products that enhance other cosmetic products. Just apply about 3 or 4 drops before the moisturizer to make its effect much more effective.

The composition of the Facialderm booster serums is based on neurocosmetics, which, with a deep knowledge of the factors that damage the skin and its intrinsic relationship with the brain and emotions, effectively combats their effects. Inevitably the change in routine and increased stress that confinement has caused affects the skin and accelerates the aging processes, which is why including a serum booster in the beauty routine can change the rules of the game.

Dry skin? Here’s your routine:

For dry skin that needs to recover elasticity and enhance the lifting effect, the Lifting serum booster is ideal. With a moisturising, energising and regenerating effect, it is the perfect shock treatment for skin that lacks vitality and needs extra energy. The collagen peptides that make up its formula increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness, smoothing out wrinkles and marks on the skin.

To further enhance its effect it is recommended to be applied together with the C1 Anti-Ageing & Anti-StressFacial Cream for normal and dry skin, which fights the signs of aging.


Oily skin? We propose:

In the case of oily skin, which has suffered from the lack of natural light and may have suffered an make the pores larger, the Pore Minimizer booster serum is a great ally. It matiffies the skin and reduces the effects of stress while minimizing pores. It is formulated with oil-control and astringent active ingredients that balance sebaceous secretion and pore size by moisturizing in depth. One of the main ingredients of the boosteris bioavailable Zinc, an astringent plant extract, which immediately reduces pore size.

In this case it is also recommended to complement it with the C2 Anti-Ageing & Anti-Stress Facial Cream for normal and oily skin.


Daily routine for facial care

Taking care of the skin on a daily basis is very important to prevent the effects of skin aging and also to correct the effects of daily life and situations that make our face look worse due to tiredness or stress. A moisturized and treated skin according to your needs is the reflection of an optimal health of the dermis.

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