Consequences of facial stress

Stress produces premature aging in the face, especially in women, whose main visible signs are dry skin, decreased luminosity, redness, sagging, increased acne or eye bags.

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Accelerated aging: A US study determined that stress produces premature aging of the face (something that, interestingly, affects women more)

A common problem in today’s society is that people have a very fast life and stress is very present in our lives. Several studies have shown that stress is an aggravating factor in the progressive deterioration of the skin.

n situations of prolonged stress the body produces the hormone cortisol, which in abundance causes disorders that become visible through:

1 Dehydration of the skin.

2 Decreased skin luminosity.

3 Redness of the skin.

4 Increased wrinkles and eye bags.

5 Flaccidity of the skin

6 Increased acne.