Fight against facial stress marks

Concentrated formulas for specific needs, with Neurophroline™.
In only 2 hours reduces up to -70% cortisol* in the skin cells.
*The main stress hormone.

The consequences of facial stress.

Accelerated aging: A US study discovered that stress produces premature aging of the face (something that, interestingly, affects women more).

1 Dehydration of the skin.

2 Decreased skin luminosity.

3 Redness of the skin.

4 Increased wrinkles and eye bags.

5 Flaccidity of the skin

6 Increased acne.

5 Serum Boosters

5 Serum Boosters


& Facial Anti-stress

Regenerates collagen, revitalizes and reduces stress marks on your skin


& Facial Anti-stress

Regenerates sensitive skin and redness and reduces stress marks on your skin


& Facial Anti-stress

Corrects, prevents the appearance of spots and reduces stress marks on your skin

Pore Minimizer/04

& Facial Anti-stress

Unifies, mattifies, Minimizes pore and reduces stress marks on your skin


& Facial Anti-stress

Protects from the pollution, blue light and reduces stress marks on your skin

2 Creams

2 Creams

/c1 anti-aging facial cream

& Facial Anti-stress

Normal/dry skin

/c2 anti-aging facial cream

& Facial Anti-stress

Combination/oily skin

The Facialderm Beauty FORMULA

Create your own beauty formula by adapting the boosters to the specific needs of your skin, lifestyle or season of the year.


Neurophroline™ at 1% (present in our products) reduces up to -70% cortisol production in 2 hours

Neurophroline™: Biological stress inhibitor:

Extract based on Tephrosia purpurea (a native plant of India-natural Ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine)

A powerful enzyme that:

√ Blocks the production of cortisol through skin cells.

√ Activates the release of soothing neuropeptides.

√ Stimulates the synthesis of b-endorphins, improving the comfort of the skin as well as redness.

√ Improves skin tone and appearance within two weeks.

√ High detoxifying and antioxidant power


Neurophroline at 1% (present in our products) reduces up to -70% cortisol production in 2 hours

Stimulates ß-endorphin production

Increases up to +163% the amount of beta-endorphin released by the cells, a natural relaxing and pain-relief peptide.

What is a Serum Booster?

DUAL Daily Use product

Our Serum boosters can be used as Serums or as Boosters.

Personalized formula:

Our serum boosters can be combined to create the best formulas for specific skin needs.


Booster cosmetics are, by definition, enhancers of other cosmetics, which are used to cover specific skin needs.

How to use: Add 3 or 4 drops to the Facialderm moisturizing cream.


Facialderm serum boosters can be used also only like a serum.

How to use: Apply 3 or 4 drops and massage gently until the final absorption of the serum.

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