Spring is here! Even though we are at home, if something doesn’t stop, it is the weather, and so much so that we have reached one of the most beautiful times of the year. The change of season affects our skin directly and requires care to prepare it and keep it hydrated. We propose a series of Facialderm serum boosters for the care of your face.

Neurophroline, main ingredient of Facialderm

The booster serum Anti-Stress and Anti-Aging line has Neurophroline® as its main ingredient. Neurophroline® as its main ingredient. This powerful active ingredient manages to give the skin a fresh and moisturized appearance in two weeks, since it reduces the production of cortisol (the main stress hormone) by 70% in two hours, activates the release of calming neuropeptides, stimulates the synthesis of β-endorphins -improving the skin’s well-being, as well as redness-, and has a high antioxidant and purifying power.

Although it is composed of five serum boosters and two facial creams, which can be combined with each other according to the needs of each skin, we specifically recommend these three key boosters for the preparation of your skin for the spring:

Anti-spots serum

If during the confinement confinement you are lucky enough to enjoy a good terrace, balcony or any space for sunbathing, this is the perfect booster. This anti-stain facial serum is formulated with moisturizing, antioxidant and depigmenting agents that reduce and correct stains and prevent their appearance, unifying the tone and increasing the luminosity It is indicated for middle-aged and mature skin, with spots or exposed to solar radiation and UVA rays. Among its main ingredients are vitamins (C and B3), a powerful depigmenting vegetable active ingredient from Africa and Neurophroline®. 

Pore reducing & sebum regulating serum

Specially formulated for mixed and oily skins with moisturizing, sebum-regulating and astringent active ingredients that normalize sebaceous secretion and regulate pore size. It is indicated for mixed or oily skin with dilated pores and its main ingredients are bioavailable zinc, an astringent vegetable extract, which immediately reduces pore size, Neurophroline®, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B and allantoin. This serum for oily skin is ideal for reducing your pores.

Anti-pollution & blue light protection booster serum

This anti-pollution facial serum formulated with moisturizing, antioxidant and detoxifying active ingredients is indicated to protect the skin during the day from external aggressions, with which we are in daily contact. Anti-pollution power, protection against heavy metals present in the air, pollutants and blue light from electronic device screens. It can also be applied at night to treat the aggressions suffered by the skin during the day. Nourishes, repairs and regenerates skin cells. It is indicated for all skin types and its main ingredients are antioxidant plant extracts (reverses the effects of pollution and prevents the action of free radicals, as well as acting against heavy metal nanoparticles), marine glycogen (EMR and blue light radiation protection, Neurophroline® and vitamin B5.

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