There is a way of living that promotes a lifestyle focused on the present

The slow living movement emerged in the 1980s and more and more, especially after the last few months and the changes in our lifestyle as a result of the COVID-19, have chosen to follow this philosophy of life.
Generally, we live too fast and don’t realize it. It is not a coincidence that 7.36% of the Spanish population suffers from chronic anxiety. 53% of people who suffer from stress end up developing emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression. And it is when we realize, the moment in which we think to take a slower pace of life and favourable to our welfare, a lifestyle similar to what proposes the slow living.

What does this movement consist of and what benefitscan it bring us?

This way of life promotes living in peace. This allows you to enjoy things and give them the attention they deserve.
On a theoretical level it is easy, but in practice it requires getting into the habit. That’s why the slow living movement gives a series of recommendations on how to start being a «slow lifer». First thing: be patient.

1. Get up a few minutes early.Take a shower and have a quiet breakfast and avoid arriving at your workplace in a hurry. And if you can, walk around, paying attention to the walk. A good tactic is to forget your mobile phone on the way.

2.Live with less. Avoid consumerism and buy what you need or what you are really looking forward to. Surely, if you stop for a moment and look around, you will realize that you don’t need more, but less.

3. Live and enjoy the present. The present is the only thing we have and, therefore, we cannot let it go. This way of life invites to meditation and to the practice of yoga and other disciplines that favour the connection mind-body and whose motto is «here and now».

4. Strive every day to do something good for someone. Surely it can be more positive for ourselves than for the person to whom we dedicate a good gesture. Little by little it will come out automatically.

5. Spend some time each day writing down three positive aspects of your day. Actions, thoughts, feelings or events. You may be surprised at first not to be able to get three positive things out. Little by little you will learn to appreciate the little things and to be able to generate them yourself.

6. Disconnect. Put your mobile phone on silent, even go out without it, and turn it off if you can. You can’t imagine how it feels not to keep an eye on technology all day. Try it and you’ll see.

7. Our special recommendation: Take care of yourselfaccording to the principles of slow living, paying attention to what you do, being aware and enjoying the moment you apply the products of your daily beauty routine. The effect will be greater, the stress will be less and your skin will notice it.

1. Apply the Facialderm serum boosters, one by one, from the lightest to the thickest texture.
2. Apply facial cream to further moisturize your skin.

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