Moisturize the skin in summer to keep your tan longer

The season of beach and sun has started weeks ago and with it the race to get a nice tan. Like every year, the hours under the sun translate into that flattering tone we dream of all year round, and why give up on keeping your tan for the rest of the year?

Protecting your skin from the sun when you are tanning is essential to maintain its youth and avoid future problems but moisturizing it after a beach session is also essential to care for it and extend your tan. That is why we propose a selection of boosting serums and facial creams to hydrate the skin in depth and make that perfect tan last longer.

Serum Booster 01 Lifting & Anti-Stress

With moisturizing, regenerating and energizing properties, this facial serum was conceived as a «shock treatment» for tired skin that needs extra energy to recover its natural balance.

Its formula is composed of collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid that deeply moisturizes, firms and revitalizes the skin.

Its application, together with the moisturizing cream, nourishes the skin and helps to preserve the golden colour of the tan for a longer period, achieving healthier skin with greater elasticity. Collagen also helps to smooth wrinkles and redensifies the skin.

Serum Booster 02 Repairing & Anti-Stress

In this case it is a product designed forsensitive skin and with a tendency to redness. It is a facial serum that moisturizes, repairs and reduces stress marks on the skin. It also helps to reduce redness with active ingredients that restore the comfort and well-being of the skin.

It is the perfect ally to calm the skin and regenerate it after a long exposure to the sun, to finish, moisturizing it in depth returning the natural shine.

Its main ingredients are aloe vera, which moisturizes, calms and regenerates the skin, and vitamin B, which reduces redness and irritation, enhancing the action of aloe vera. It is also composed of Neurophroline® and allantoin, a chemical substance that serves as a natural regenerator and healer.

Serum Booster 03 Anti-spots & Anti-stress

Finally, the use of the anti-spots serum booster is recommended since it prevents the appearance of spots produced by the sun and unifies the skin tone. In addition, it helps to maintain the luminosity of the complexion by further enhancing the tan.

Formulated with moisturizing, antioxidant and depigmenting active ingredients, they reduce and correct blemishes and prevent their appearance.

It is ideal for middle-aged and mature skin, with spots or exposed to solar radiation. Among its main ingredients are vitamins (C and B3), a powerful depigmenting vegetable active ingredient and Neurophroline®.

In addition to theserum boosters, we recommend two creams, depending on the type of skin, to keep it hydrated and with a long-lasting tan:

Anti-aging cream for normal/dry skin

Formulated with moisturizing, antioxidant, regenerating and soothing active ingredients, it provides extra moisture to the skin, especially if it is dry-complexioned and helps mitigate the effects of summer.

Its main ingredients are red algae extract, caviar, Asian rice, Vitamin B, moringa oleifera, hyaluronic acid, Neurophroline® and allantoin.

Anti-aging cream for mixed/oily skin

Facial cream Ideal for mixed or oily skins, this cream has moisturizing, sebum-regulating and astringent active ingredients that help normalize sebaceous secretion and regulate pore size. Contrary to what is usually said, oily skin needs hydration to keep it healthy.

In this case it is composed of vegetable extract (mushroom), zinc, hazelnut extract, red algae, flax seed extract, Vitamin E, moringa oleifera and Neurophroline®.


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