Serum boosters, fluid textures for perfect skin under high summer temperatures

Cosmetics with light and fluid textures are the most pleasant and easy to apply in hot environments

Summer is one of the most complicated times of the year to choose the cosmetic that moisturizes your skin without getting impregnated or feeling sticky. That is why we propose the use of serum boosters, perfect for keeping any type of skin cared for and hydrated during the summer. Betting on light textures to hydrate the skin in times of the year with high temperatures will help you have a sensation of freshness and lightness while keeping your skin hydrated. Why?

The texture of the serums, much more liquid and fluid than the creams, is ideal for high temperatures, especially in beauty routines that involve the use of different products.

Normal skin

For this type of skin it is advisable to use the Anti-pollution serum booster, not only to avoid the aggressions suffered by the skin during the day, but also to repair it at night since it nourishes and regenerates its cells. Its main ingredients are antioxidant plant extracts (reverses the effects of pollution and prevents the action of free radicals), marine glycogen, Neurophroline® and vitamin B5.


Sensitive and dry skin

For skin that tends to reddenand needs a high level of hydration, the Repairing Anti-Redness serum booster is a must, especially when temperatures rise. It is formulated with moisturizing, regenerating and soothing active ingredients that soften the skin and restore its natural well-being. Among its main ingredients are aloe vera, vitamin B, Neurophroline® and allantoin, a regenerating chemical that is a natural healer.


Mixed and oily skins

These are the skins that are most affected by heat and for which the serum booster Pore reducer and seboregulator has been designed. It contains moisturizing and astringent active ingredients that balance sebaceous secretion and regulate pore size. Its main ingredients are bioavailable zinc, an astringent plant extract, which immediately reduces pore size, Neurophroline®, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B and allantoin.


Mature skins

These are skins that, in addition to hydration, need protection from the sun and its harmful effects. For this reason, the Facialderm Lifting Energy and Anti-Spots serumsare the perfect allies. The Lifting and Energy serum booster is a shock treatment for tired skin that has lost vitality. Formulated with moisturizing, regenerating and energizing active ingredients, its main ingredients are peptides, an energizing complex of plant extracts, Neurophroline® and hyaluronic acid.


The Anti-spots serum booster is formulated with moisturizing, antioxidant and depigmenting agents that reduce and correct stains and prevent their appearance. It unifies the tone and increases the luminosity of the face, it is indicated for skins with spots or exposed to solar radiation and UVA rays.


All the serum boosters can be combined with each other, so you can customize your beauty routine by day and skin condition. Choose your formula!

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