Above all, these days of teleworking, more hours of TV, mobile and tablets, it is important to protect yourself

The blue light of the screens has become part of our daily life and it is important to know what effects it has on our skin in order to take proper care of it. All the gadgets with screens that we are exposed to daily radiate it and this has consequences.

What is blue light?

Blue light, or HEV Light, High Energy Visible, as it is scientifically known, is high-energy visible light and represents the short length of the visible light spectrum.

Blue light surrounds us all day long in a natural way. And according to the experts, there are no negative consequences with this dose. The problem comes with screen light, because they emit blue light very intensely. It penetrates deeply, so it can damage the cells under the skin. In this way, the creation of free radicals is stimulated, which can break down cell structures in the long term. As a result, the skin’s elasticity is diminished, one of the most obvious signs of aging.

In addition, the risk of pigmentation spots and wrinkles in the chin and cheek areas is increased.

Consequences on our skin

We spent many hours in front of the screens. This makes our face highly exposed to the rays of blue light. But how can this exposure affect our skin?

1. It can cause redness and pigmentation spots.
2. It is the cause of premature skin aging.

For all these effects, at Facialdermwe have created the Anti-Pollution and Anti-Stress Serum Booster, which protects and treats the skin when exposed to blue light.

The ideal is to combine this Serum Booster with others from the line that focus on a specific benefit, such as the Anti-Blemish Serum Booster orthe Anti-Redness Serum Booster and especially for sensitive skin.

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