If for years in the cosmetics industry creams have been categorized by age, things are starting to change. At the present time of beauty and cosmetics it is more effective to use products aimed at specific needs. It may no longer make sense to choose a cream to prevent aging as soon as you turn 25, or to switch to one for mature skin when you pass the 50 barrier. And we don’t say this just because we no longer want to erase wrinkles, but because «from a dermatological point of view, you can be 50 and have skin that is looking 25″. And the other way around. This was stated in an article in Vogue magazine, written by Ana Morales and with statements by Dr. Lidia Maroñas, a dermatologist from Clínica Dermatológica Internacional.

Age is the least influential factor in skin aging

A fact that reinforces the fact that it does not make sense to choose a cream only because of the age it appears on our ID card, is the fact that, as Maroñas explains, «age only influences 25% of skin aging, while exposure, that is, the set of harmful external factors to which we are exposed throughout our lives (sun, snuff, pollution) determines 75%,» says the expert

In order to choose a suitable cream, the characteristics and needs must be taken into account, regardless of the chronological age of the patient.

All of the above confirms that, when choosing a cream or treatment, «it makes more sense to talk about biological age (the one that really reflects our skin condition) than chronological age (the one marked by our birthday)», Maroñas points out. Obviously, as we age our skin will change and will not have the same characteristics – that’s why we keep talking about young skin and mature skin – but it’s important not to be left alone with age when choosing a treatment.

The manual to choose a face cream/serum

  1. To provide hydration: creams with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and fatty acids. C1 cream for normal/dry skin contains highly moisturizing ingredients.
  2. To fight the signs of photo-aging (spots, loss of smoothness, dull complexion): a combination of vitamin C and depigmentants, such as those in the Anti-spots serum booster.
  3. Repair your skin with specific products for sensitive or reddened skin, such as the 02 Repair and Anti-Redness Serum Booster.
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