The right daily care that helps you prevent Maskne

A good facial cleaning and moisturizing routine with specific products is important

Maskne is a skin problem: more oil, clogged pores and pimples, as a result of the need to protect ourselves from COVID-19 with daily and continuous use of hygienic or cloth masks.

The mask produces a blockage that leads to an increase in temperature in the nose and mouth area. It also increases perspiration due to poor ventilation, which encourages the proliferation of bacteria that cause acne. This, in addition to the friction, has visible negative consequences on the face.

Small red pimples in the chin and cheekbone area and a worse appearance of the skin due to lack of perspiration and friction of the mask with the face are more and more frequent and at any age. Due to this new normality we must pay more attention to skin care, favouring routines that keep it healthy and beautiful.

1. Essential cleaning and moisturizing

When it comes to skin care, good cleansing comes first. This will be the basis for applying the specific products that follow. Remember to do it morning and night and then moisturize.

At this time when you may notice your skin is more oily than usual, our recommendation is the formula for oily skin, which consists of applying the Pore Reducing Serum Booster 04 + the Facial Cream for Mixed and Oily Skin.

The Pore Reducer and Facial Anti-Stress Serum Boosterhas been specially formulated for mixed/oily skin with moisturising, sebum-regulating and astringent active ingredients that normalise sebaceous secretion and regulate pore size. The main ingredients include highly concentrated active ingredients that are just as effective for this purpose as: bioavailable zinc, an astringent plant extract that immediately reduces pore size, Neurophroline®, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B and allantoin.

The cream for combination/oily skin is the ideal complement to improve hydration, regulating sebaceous secretion. It contains Mushroom Plant Extract, Zinc, Hazelnut Extract, Red Algae, Flax Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Moringa oleifera and Neurophroline™.

2. Avoid make-up because it clogs your pores

Make-up combined with the use of the mask increases the oil in the skin and therefore the chances of clogging up the pores. Take care to look good without makeup.

3. Make sure the mask material is breathable

Choose materials that do not irritate the skin, for example, cotton is one of the most recommended. Avoid synthetic materials, which have pigments or dyes that could irritate your face.

4. Rest when using your mask whenever you can

You can only do this in safe outdoor places or in your home, but being able to take a break from the mask from time to time will be something your skin will appreciate.

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