With the arrival of the Christmas season come all those headaches trying to decide what to give people in the hopes it will be even more original than the year before. There’s no doubt neurocosmetics is exactly what you’re looking for. And not only because it’s an original idea. It’s also obviously effective in reducing the consequences of aging and stress on the skin. The Anti-Stress Facial and Anti-Aging line repairs and protects the skin from all the external factors attacking it: the sun, pollution… and also prevents and corrects the effects of stress of the face.

Facialderm serums and creams are neurocosmetics, which is an industry that has arisen out of the study of the connection between the brain and the skin. It seeks to determine the causes and negative consequences on the skin of factors like stress, pollution and the pace of modern life in order to correct them. With 800,000 sensory receptors, the skin creates a dialogue with the brain which, over time, is often accelerated by external factors making these communications deteriorate and possibly cause skin problems.

This line of neurocosmetics enhances luminosity and tone. It’s the perfect product range for women with a busy and stressful lifestyle and also works as a very powerful anti-aging treatment. We’ve prepared a few packs for this Christmas to give and save money. Plus, these packs can be customized to include whatever you prefer. Here are a few examples:

The Facialderm line includesfive serum boosters and two creams¸ Lifting and Energy, Restorative and Anti-Redness, Anti-Blemish, Pore Reducer and Sebo-Regulating as well as Anti-Pollution. There are also two creams: anti-aging for normal/dry skin and mixed/greasy skin, whichcan be combined however based on the needs of each skin type. For example, the formula for a woman with blemishes on her skin who does outdoor sports would be Restorative + Anti-Blemish + Cream. However, an urban woman with an intense pace of life would need Lifting + Anti-Pollution + Cream. There’s an endless number of combinations adaptable to each woman’s needs.

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