Months like January are key to treating the skin since external and internal factors like the cold and going back to one’s routine deteriorate the dermis and are reflected as dryness and a lack of luminosity. Facialderm combines dermatology and neuroscience to reduce the impact generated by these stimulants and external aggressions on the skin. Its formulas and ingredients can recover the strength and energy of the face by enhancing the tone and luminosity and preparing it for the factors that cause wear.

With neurocosmetics, we boost skin wellness and vitality by reducing the symptoms of facial stresswith an ideal product line for women with a quick pace of life as it helps treat evidence of deterioration all while preparing the skin for further aggression.

A personalised routine to start the year:

The ideal beginning-of-the-year routine for women with a fast pace of life would be combining our anti-age cream for normal or dry skin + our lifting and energy booster. However, the formula would be different for women with sensitive skin as using our anti-age cream for normal or dry skin + an anti-redness restorative booster would be a better recommendation.

Anti-age cream for normal/dry skin

Specially formulated for normal and dry skinwith moisturising, antioxidant, regenerative and soothing active ingredients. The main ingredients are red algae extract, caviar extract, Asian rice extract, vitamin B, moringa oleifera, hyaluronic acid, Neurophroline® and allantoin.

Lift and Energy

Formulated with moisturising, regenerating and energising active ingredients and designed as a “shock treatment” for fatigued and devitalised skin which needs some additional energy to recover a natural balance in just a few days. It’s specifically for mature skin and the main ingredients are peptides, an energising plant extract complex, Neurophroline® and hyaluronic acid.

Restorative and Anti-Redness

Specially formulated for sensitive skin with redness, it has got moisturising, regenerating and soothing active ingredients that soften the skin and bring back comfort and wellness. It’s recommended for sensitive, atopic skin that is prone to rosacea. The main ingredients include aloe vera, vitamin B, Neurophroline® and allantoin, a regenerating chemical substance that works as a natural healing agent.

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