From the age of 25 onwards, collagen levels in the skin start to decrease, losing 1% per year.

It is true that in society we tend to set limits for everything, but we have to accept that this is sometimes not feasible. There is no specific age to start using anti-ageing cosmetics. Like many things, it will depend on the genetic condition of each skin and the type of care that is carried out on it.

Moisturising and sun protection at all times

What is known is that the basis for healthy skin is hydration and sun protection, as these factors lead to premature ageing due to the destruction of collagen. It is therefore advisable to start including products that treat these factors in your beauty routine very early on. Naturally, from the age of 25, the skin begins to lose its ability to produce collagen, and without collagen our skin cannot have elasticity. This does not mean that this is the exact point to start taking anti-ageing measures, but it is advisable to introduce preventive creams with moisturising and antioxidant active ingredients into your facial routine. You won’t get wrinkles overnight!

Don't wait for wrinkles to appear

On the other hand, it must be said that you cannot start treating the signs of ageing once they have appeared (40 or 50 years of age), as anti-ageing creams do not work miracles and wrinkles, once present, will be much more difficult to correct. That is why it is ideal to start applying anti-ageing creams when small wrinkles begin to appear, i.e. from around the age of 30. But the most important thing is to know how to identify the ingredients to treat the effects of ageing present in our creams. Facialderm has anti-ageing products such as the C1 Anti-ageing and anti-stress facial cream and the Booster 01 Lifting and Anti-stress facial serum.

C1 Anti-Ageing and Anti-Stress Facial Cream

Its formula is rich in highly effective active ingredients such as: – Red algae extract: Active rich in antioxidants that blocks the effects of glycation, a process that causes the appearance of premature ageing. It also provides energy to cells and promotes the synthesis of fibroblasts, which are the collagen-producing cells. – Caviar extract: Compound rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids, as well as vitamin B. It nourishes, repairs and regenerates the skin, slowing down the ageing process. – Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is one of the main ingredients of any anti-ageing treatment as it moisturises, regenerates and fills from the depths to the surface the dermal and epidermal fractures that manifest themselves as wrinkles and improves skin density and turgor. This antioxidant and anti-glycation combination counteracts the signs of premature ageing, increases cell regeneration, improves elasticity and provides intense hydration after 21 days of use.

Booster Serum 01 Lifting and Anti-Stress Facial Serum

This serum firms, reduces expression lines and reduces stress marks on the skin thanks to active compounds such as: – Peptides: This active ingredient promotes collagen synthesis, improving skin elasticity and attenuating expression lines. – Energising Plant Complex: Increases water retention in the skin and stimulates ATP synthesis so that cells have energy to perform their functions. In addition, this serum contains hyaluronic acid like the C1 Cream.
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