Alone or with a partner, taking care of yourself and relaxing is the best Valentine’s Day plan

Share your relaxing beauty ritual, especially this Valentine’s Day

These days we receive lots of information and tempting offers for romantic getaways, candlelit dinners and couples’ plans.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are a couple or alone, we propose an alternative plan: pamper you and your partner or pamper yourself at home with your favorite beauty ritual.

As a couple:

Beauty routines are beneficial for skin care. It is true that, in the rush of everyday life, it is difficult to comply with all the steps required for the health of our skin. That is why experts advise doing it as a couple, to motivate their realization.

Beauty routines as a couple are being increasingly promotedsince, among many, one of the advantages is that it turns routines into rituals,, providingtime for enjoyment, relaxation and quality for both. These relaxing practices have multiple benefits for the couple, since they cause the body to secrete oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, the hormones of well-being, and therefore help to strengthen the bonds of the relationship.

When sharing this ritual with your partner, it is important to take into account the differences of each skin type, so that each one uses the products that suit their needs. Facialderm has a wide range of products that respond to the main concerns and signs of aging or skin problems: dehydration, wrinkles, spots, enlarged pores, redness…


If you don’t have a partner or you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, we recommend self-massage or facial yoga, with the Facialderm serum boosters..

The benefitsof facial yoga are that it rejuvenates by relieving stress, prevents sagging, improves breathing, activates and tones the muscles of the face, improves circulation and can prevent wrinkles.

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