Pamper your skin to look good without makeup

These 5 steps are the key to achieving the good-face effect with hardly any make-up

Are you one of those who wear a lot of makeup every day or do you prefer a natural look? Although trends in makeup evolve and adapt to different styles, the bet for the natural resists and many women are lazy or for personal taste, prefer not to abuse the makeup, especially from Monday to Friday.

We tell you how to get a moisturized skin, bright and therefore beautiful, so you feel good in your skin every day.

Daily facial cleaning

It’s always necessary. Don’t skip it one day. In the morning, to remove natural impurities from the body and prevent clogged pores; and at night, to remove dirt from the environment. There are cleansers in different textures and with characteristics that adapt to the type of skin, from the most sensitive, dry, oily …

Use a serum or several

The specific serums treat the different needs of the skin such as dryness, redness, spots, enlarged pores… Because we do not all have the same skin type, nor the same concerns about our facial skin, we cannot use the same products. The serum boosters are hyper-concentrated formulas of active ingredients, which act specifically on the focus of the problem.

If you are concerned about wrinkles and lines, you should use an anti-aging serum that improves the skin’s collagen and elastin levels. Formulas with peptides and hyaluronic acid improve hydration and therefore the overall appearance, providing vitality and energy.

Always moisturizing cream

Good hydration is the basis for caring for your skin as it deserves. Like serums, a moisturizer is needed according to the needs of the skin. Apply it both day and night with circular movements on the face and neck. Apply it both day and night with circular movements on the face and neck.

More hydration for your skin

To achieve a natural glow and give a healthier look to the skin, it is best to use a facial mask twice a week. You can opt for a moisturizer to nourish the skin after a treatment exfoliating , or a night mask that intensely repairs the epidermis while you sleep.

Protect your skin from the sun

A very important part of any routine, whenever you go out of the house afterwards, is to protect yourself from the sun with a high protection factor. Each and every one of us should apply sunscreen, every 2 hours when we are exposed to the sun directly or indirectly. It is the best way to prevent stains, and if you already have them or are treating yourself against them, take care that they do not appear anymore.

We recommend photoprotectors with colour, they are like a very light and natural makeup. And as a final touch, a little bit of blush on the cheeks, a touch of mascara and your favourite lipstick.

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