Hand mask gloves

The skin of the hands suffers from being exposed to external conditions such as the weather. We propose a product that moisturizes and repairs, mask gloves. They contain serum inside and the plastic exterior favors the best penetration of the active ingredients. After 15 minutes, you will be surprised by the result.

Take care of your hands with mask gloves

It is as simple as putting your hands in the mask gloves that suit your needs, waiting 15-20 minutes for them to act and removing them. You don’t need to clarify. In fact, it is best to massage the excess product until it is absorbed. Waiting can be very productive while reading, working, or watching a movie. Also, you can relax and just enjoy the treatment.

As a result, you will get flawless hands and hydrated nails, ready for a manicure. Because, you already know that the condition of the skin on your hands and your nails will determine your general appearance and the perfection of your manicure.

Discover the mask for the hands, in glove format, Spa Manicure Mask, with Pearl. The benefits of the Hydrolyzed Pearl? Stimulates the metabolism and regeneration of cells, whitening and unifying skin tone. It also helps improve the overall appearance of the hands, making the skin look younger. The hands are a part of the body exposed to the outside, to aggressions, and therefore prone to drying out. It is important to take care of them for your well-being and because careful hands say a lot about the image you project. Show off your beautiful hands with Facialderm.